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We can handle a custom 1 off part or a high production run of parts for your business.


Wheels - Interiors - Phone Cases - Guns- Bows - Mail Boxes - Engine Bay -Motorcycle Fairings - Dash Pieces - Promotional Items

Customers That Use Us
Hydro Dipping An Engine Front Cover With A Custom Graphic Printed At Our Facility .

Mielke Way Coatings is a specialty graphics company located in Anderson Indiana.  We can provide Water Transfer Printing, Chrome Painting along with Powder  / Ceramic Coating.


Water Transfer Printing is the process of putting a custom image on your 3D part.  From Motorsports, Hunting / Fishing, Household items just to name a few.  If it can "get wet" it can be dipped.  Get more info here. 


Spray Chrome is the newest custom chroming process in the industry today.  No more long lead times and expensive Chrome process.   Give us a chance and you will be happy with the results.  Check out our "Spray Chrome " tab for more info and pics / videos.


Powder and Ceramic Coating is the process of applying a powder to your metal part using electricity and heat.  NOTHING will penetrate powder coating.  And YES, we can Hydro Dip over our powder coating.  Check out the process in detail here.  

A LIttle About Us
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