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Were just like you !  So, we know your struggle .

Like you we hydro dip every day.  That means we prep, paint, dip, rinse & clear.  We, don't have time or money to do this to our parts over and over.  We know you are hoping for a perfect dip every time.  We believe this HYDRO SOLUTIONS paint gives you the best possible odds right out of the gate.  We've tried them all and this combo of Waterborne paint & Hydro Solutions Activator have worked flawlessly for us.

Ever make mistakes in your base coat?   well we do from time to time.  And if it happens, no worries.  Sand the spot and dip.  No need to re-paint!  Need to sand a run out?  Maybe a little piece of dirt got in.  Just sand it out and dip.  No hassle.  No wasting time.

Primer?  We spray direct to metal !  Steel, aluminum, copper, wood, glass, plastic (minus polypropylene.  A flame takes care of that)  fiberglass and many other stuff that walks into our shop.  

Mielke Way Coatings is centrally located.  Were located in central Indiana which makes most of you 3 days away on a standard ground shipment.  And since we ship everyday we get your order out same day if before 3pm Est.

The fact is, were Hydro Dippers .  We know what your going through everyday.  We decided to not fill our shop with harmful chemicals,  dip once, loose the primer, simplify our operations and simply make our customers happier -- sooner.  We hope the same happens with your Mielke Way Coatings & Hydro Solutions experience.  

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