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What is HYDRO Solutions?

Hydro Solutions is a waterborne paint specially formulated for the Hydro-graphic Industry. It is a sealant, a primer, an adhesion promoter, and a base coat all-in-one.

How did HYDRO Solutions come to be?

Being in the industry and seeing there was a void in the market for an all-in-one waterborne paint, we sat down with an industry leading paint manufacturer. After extensive development and testing we came up with this formula.

Is primer required?

No, not under normal circumstances. If you are working with something textured, and want to smooth it out, you may want to use a high build primer to do so

Do I need adhesion promoter?

No, not under most circumstances. However, we've found that with some polypropylene's, one thin layer of adhesion promoter does help.

Why Waterborne?

We went this way for several reasons:

  1. Better for the environment

  2. Better for people

  3. Simply uses water for clean up

  4. Very little odor

  5. Low VOC's

  6. Simply --- less dip failures than any other paint

Does HYDRO Solutions need to be reduced?

No. Straight from the can to the spray gun.

What is the "Dip Window" for HYDRO Solutions?

45 days. After this, the paint is no longer porous and will not allow for a seamless dip.

What materials can HYDRO Solutions be applied directly to?

Metals, wood, glass, fibre glass, raw steel, and most plastic.

"Awesome paint. A must if your in the hydrographic industry. this is truly the best I’ve tried so far. Good long dipping window, no primer needed and it’s water based so easy clean-up and not harsh on the environment like others."

J's Upholstery and Hydrographics

"Anyone in the Hydrographic industry must try this paint. Covers so nice and flat, bonds without primer and it’s water based. What more could you ask for. I tried a sample on a few speed shapes and I’m sold on it."

Jason G.

"Hydro Solutions paint, this paint is awesome, easy to spray, fast flash times, tons of colors to choose from, this will be my go to paint from now on!"

Todd B. - Dipped Illusions

"I have no repeat dips!  No washing off, no dots,  no slime, no VOC's, no harmful chemicals.  It was a perfect dip -- the FIRST time!"


"What they say"

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