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Mielke Way Coatings is a specialty coating company located in Anderson Indiana.  We can provide Hydro  Dipping,  Powder / Ceramic Coating & Spray Chrome services.  We also are a Hydro Solutions  hydro graphic paint distributor along with dipping  / painting fixtures.


Hydro Dipping or Water Transfer Printing is the process of putting a custom image on your 3D part.  From Motorsports, Hunting / Fishing equipment, Household items just to name a few.  If it can "get wet" it can be dipped.  Get more info here. 


Powder and Ceramic Coating is the process of applying a powder to your metal part using electricity and heat.  Powder Coating is popular for wheels due to it s durability.          Check out the process in detail here. 

Spectra Chrome is the newest custom chroming process in the industry today.  No more long lead times and expensive Chrome process.   Give us a chance and you will be happy with the results.  Check out our "Spectra Chrome " tab for more info and pics / videos.

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We can handle a custom 1 off part or a high production run of parts for your business.


Wheels - Interiors - Phone Cases - Guns- Bows - Mail Boxes - Engine Bay -Motorcycle Fairings - Dash Pieces - Promotional Items

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Hydro Dipping An Engine Front Cover With A Custom Graphic Printed At Our Facility .
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